Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Amazing Rocky Road

I just finished a YUMMY bowl of rocky road ice cream with a teaspoon of natural peanut butter plopped on top. Mmmmmm.

Yes, it's nearly 11PM and yes, that's bad for my gut but I REALLY needed it.

(Marci knows what I'm talking about, right Mjo?)

Let's forget the fact that I often have ice cream & peanut butter for an evening snack and just chat a second about WHY I needed it so badly tonight.

1st phone call of the day. Mom rings to say that she was in a car accident last night and that she's fine except for a few airbag burns and soreness. The person she hit (who cut in front of her to turn left -- coming from the opposite direction) was only slightly injured in her knee. Mom's Sequoia had to be towed but hopefully is repairable.

In the same call, Mr. Morris from EHBC died (grandfather of a boy that I taught in a class at EBC this summer and father of adult friends). He was in a terrible car accident in GA.

ALSO in that call, Big Dog (Mom's Dalmatian) is sick. He hasn't eaten anything for 3 days and is losing weight. They're taking him to the vet.

AND, we had the unspoken acknowledgement that yesterday was one year since Granny died. What a crappy day for Mom.

And all of that is before getting out of bed.

Thankfully I also got the good news about Weezy before getting out of bed so that helped.

Next I realized that I slept/talked on the phone entirely too long for all that needed to be done today.

Big project for the day -- Flea-ridding.
Our second bout with fleas had to be stopped ASAP (our first bout was when we adopted Andy from the wooded kennel home he was being raised in). You see, our new flea treatment for Lucy has sent fleas JUMPING OFF OF HER! She's perfecty fine but our carpets house bugs that DISGUST us on a regular basis. They really love the taste of Shayne so she has sad little bites on her ankles. She looks white-trashy from the knees down. I hate it. So enough was enough and we arranged for the Zap guy to come de-flea the house and yard. This required vacuuming the house (of which I first had to get EVERYTHING off the floor -- easier said than done) and getting Lucy to the groomer for a 'bath & tidy.' She had to be flea-free when she returned.

It was a lot of work to do before 10AM. In fact, it was so much that I didn't finish it until 11 even though I really needed to be out of the house by 10. Oh well.

Next, I had to deal with Hudson SCREAMING-CRYING when we left Lucy at the groomer. It was sad, sweet, and annoying all rolled into one.

Move forward to time to get Lucy picked up and back home. By this time, we're hearing of the problems expected with gasoline. I start looking for the cheapest gas to fillup. I run across several gas stations where the regular unleaded was sold out. I finally did find gas for 2.61 a gallon. I thought it was insane at first because I had seen it for 2.42 that morning but when I rode home later and saw 3.09 on WF Road, I thought I'd croak! What in the world?!? I'm paranoid about this gas stuff now. We are on the road WAY too much for these prices and certainly for a gas shortage.

Bored with my sob story yet?! (And yes, I am quite aware that my moaning and whining is pathetic considering the struggles THOUSANDS (Million?) of other people are struggling with today.)

When I get Lucy home, I do a quick answering machine check before getting back out for church. There are 2 messages that really need my attention yet I knew I'd be unable to call them until at least tomorrow/Thursday afternoon. Ugh.

At church, again reminders of the storm devastation. Also of the struggles of friends of ours whose 14 month old baby just had her 2nd liver transplant (first one she received last week failed her) and of our 19 year old friend who is recovering from paralysis after a 4wheeler accident. Annnnnd we find out that Mr. Morris (see above) had actually BLINKED his desire to be taken off life support! So his family did! AGONY!

Oh, and I agree to teach a women's bible study about the "six myths that rob many Christian women of the abundant life that Christ intends for us to live." Sigh.

Then there is a situation with Shayne and a friend at church that sent my emotions for a spin. I can't get into it here but I had to breathe and count to 10 many times.

Then I get home and watch more Fox News. Then I watch local news. And then I come to the computer totally bummed. I get a few sad emails about different things. A couple stress me out a little further but thankfully one lets me know that a friend from Biloxi is safe.

The ice cream helped :)

And now that I'm a little clearer in my thinking (how addicted to ice cream that I am actually rational now!?) I can cling to this verse: "May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant." Psalm 119:76

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