Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stir it all up

Dip it all in
Stir it all up
Chomp it all down
And send it to stommmmmmach town.

This is the food mantra invented and chanted by Shayne and now the other kids, whenever they are eating. I'm hearing it now as they eat their PBJ&A in a cup (peanut butter, jelly, and Ambrotose).

Today -- guitar lessons for Shayne, lunch at the Walkers, grocery shopping at Fresh Market & Walmart. The evening is open and will probably be spent lounging around the house and getting an early start on bedtime.

Just thought I'd throw on an entry today while I sat here listening to the kids. Sorry it's not full of excitement and news.

Although there is one TEENY bit of news I would like to talk about.... but since it pertains to a family member that isn't ready for me to publically discuss the issue, I'll just tempt you with the thought that I'll be talking about something exciting in the near future (hopefully!)

One hint... Suzanne came over last night with her sweet Julianna :) That's all I can say!

Oh, and I can say "Happy Anniversary to Donna & Nathan!" 5 years!!!!!! Whoo hoo! We love y'all!

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Rachel said...

Hope your grocery shopping didn't coincide with the rain we had today! We were just saying how glad we were that we got the grocery shopping done yesterday! You may have this posted elsewhere, but please tell me about your kids, their ages and interests. Also, what kind of work do you do at home?