Sunday, July 10, 2005

1 limb down and waiting it out

The wind is WHIPPING big time outside the door as I sit here at my computer. I look over and see the undersides of the leaves and hear a low, human-sounding 'whurrrrr' as the air travels quickly around the corner of our brick house.

LOL....all of that is true but I'm smiling at myself for writing such near-literary sounding descriptions!

We have trees bending in every direction in our front yard but none of them are large enough tht I'm worried about them landing on the house. They're pretty tall, though....taller than the house, but far enough from them that I'm not too concerned. They're being slapped around all over the place so much that I'm unable to tell which direction the wind is blowing. The wind earerli was from north to south but now it seems to start from the south and then swirl around taking the trees in every direction. These trees seem soft and too flexible to snap but since we've already lost one of these limbs, it's certainly possible more will come.

We're waiting for the worst part of our role in the Hurricane Dennis drama. It shouldn't be too bad and hopefully will be done by early morning hours. Of course, we will have rain for several days but the eye of the storm is steadily heading out towards Mississippi. Sorry MS, but I was praying for that!

And I'm in the middle of a confession to God for lack of faith. I'm not sure if my sin of near-faithlessness is even over actually. I have been praying for this Hurricane to not affect us on Monday night because I had a HUGE Mannatech meeting planned with the Senior VP of Sales/Marketing. Talking to him yesterday, I almost begged him to please see about changing his plans so that he could do the meeting Thursday instead. He agreed to try. I moved forward with these changes and even emailed a MASSIVE amount of people and made several phone calls. Now, today as we see the storm's forecast, we're thinking that Monday night should be OK after all. So...we've decided to stick with the original plans. Sigh. LORD, please forgive me for worrying about all this. I trust you that things will be FINE.

Stay safe everyone!

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