Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Discussions At Home

Things we're talking about these days...

Disney World. Our Christmas trip to Orlando is getting closer and we're all getting very excited!

Dream Home Giveaway. This will be our 3rd attempt to win a Dream Home given away by the local country radio station. I qualified for a key in 1995 but the house was won before I got a chance to try. Donnie qualified for a key in 2003, got a chance to try it in the door, but didn't win. This year I qualified and we're thinking this could be our year :)

Homeschooling. It's becoming a very real option for me to homeschool Shayne her 5th grade year. H.A. and David would stay in K and 3rd at ECS while we give this a trial for a year. I'm looking at a curriculum called "Switched On Schoolhouse" and would love any feedback from others who are familiar with it. I will be spending time this year doing research and going to lots of homeschool activities. We're praying about this a lot.

Friends and family members with needs. We have several who have job and health needs.

Cleaning up this house. We're in a house that has room for everything to have a "home." That's what I wanted when we were in our other house. I was tired of not being able to clean up because there were so many things that didn't have a 'home' to go to so they just sat around cluttering up space. Now we have a 'home' for everything but things still don't get there. It's frustrating. I'm doing some massive cleaning in preparation of the big consignment sale. LOTS of things will be going out the door for that sale.

We haven't discussed Natalee Holloway lately but I just had thoughts of her and her family. So sad.

Speaking of.... It's time to go watch some Fox News before getting some shut-eye. Night night everyone.


A Friend said...

I have mixed feelings about homeschooling. While it would be very rewarding teaching Luke on my own, I would worry about other things, but I think you should try it out, at the very least. I don't have any problem with a person who has a degree in education teaching kids at home--it's those people who drop out of high school and then "homeschool" their kids that irritate me. They are only hurting their kids, not helping them. Why don't you want Shayne to go to 5th at ECA? Do they not offer 5th? Something happen? When you go to any homeschooling fairs, I'd like to go and offer my services as an English teacher and get ideas, K?

Stacy said...

You're the 2nd person questioning "why now" and "why Shayne" so let me clarify :)

It has always been a "Plan B" but we just loved ECS so much that we
wanted to have the kids go there...especially while I still
had little babies at home.

There are several reasons for only doing Shayne.
1. She's the only one who wants to at this point.
2. It'd be an easier way to see how much we like it while I
get my feet wet with it.
3. I've always enjoyed teaching 5th grade curriculum.
4. I still want David to go through at least Kindergarten at
ECS because it is SO wonderful.

If the 1st year of homeschooling with Shayne goes well, you
can be certain that we will consider doing all of them.

And as an FYI, the MAJORITY of homeschooling families don't have teaching degrees BUT are often college-educated. In this day and age, it's become a very valid and successful option for many families. Colleges are actually RECRUITING homeschooled kids!

I wonder how many families are actually faking homeschool as a way to be lazy? It seems like any parents who care so little about education would also be the same kind of parent that would do anything to keep their kids out of their hair. However, I'm sure there are some people out there who are so care-free about everything that they could use the 'homeschooling' excuse as a way of not following through with their responsibilities.

You should search for homeschooling blogs in your spare time. You'll find EVERY kind of family imaginable. Some who are awesome and some who should be ashamed of themselves.

I will definitely let you know about fairs and such...

Manda said...

Go Stacy! Homeschooling can be really rewarding if you have a plan. It can still be rewarding without one, but the rewards are not primarily scholastic.
Just wanted to pop in and thank you for your kind words on my blog. The funny thing is that YOU are the reason I started blogging. haha I found your blog from a comment you had made on Willena's and I try to respond to one of your posts but it wouldn't let me do it without a username. The next thing you know I figured out how to post pictures and now I overload the general population with them daily! haha So thanks! I'm really enjoying it inspite of myself. :)

~CRYSTAL~ said...

I just wanted to encourage you with Homeschooling. I went to a private school from K5-6th grade. My Mom, who only has a High Diploma, pulled me out to Homeschool me. I graduated a year early because of Homeschooling. Before HS, I had horrible grades & couldn't read very well. I graduated with Honors. I know that lot of people get worried about the socialization issues, but if you are actively involved in church & go to all the activities provided by the HS group, then things will be ok. I hope everything works out!

Stacy said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I am getting more and more excited about homeschooling the more I think about it. I know it will be great :) I'll certainly keep you posted...

Love to all!