Monday, July 25, 2005

Just Layla

I am now the proud owner of the painting you see to the right. It is by Layla Palmer and her website is and you should DEFINITELY check out her artwork (and BUY SOME!)

The painting depicts the 3 homes Donnie and I have shared since getting married over 12 years ago. The one on the far right was the home he built "for me" while I was a senior in high school. Of course, I didn't move in with him until we were Mister and Missus but I loved being able to tell friends at school that my Friday nights with my boyfriend were being spent picking out carpet or some other task.

The home in the middle is where we moved when Shayne was only 6 months old. It is also Hudson's birthplace. We told the now-owners of that house that if Hudson ever became President or a famous rock-n-roll star that they could turn it into a tourist attraction!

And finally, the home on the left is where we live now. You see Lucy lounging happily in the front yard. Isn't it the greatest?

The painting isn't in my possesion yet but I should get it this week. It will have a happy showcase in our bright yellow kitchen. I can't wait!

Remember, go to and buy her stuff. She also has paintings for sale at ebay -- sells under name "justlayla". OH, she also has a booth at Eastbrook Flea Market (bottom floor).


A Friend said...

THAT is awesome! I saw her booth at Eastbrook just the other day (on the bottom floor) and love her stuff! I will definitely be buying some of her stuff!

Lisa said...

Stacy, that's so cool!!! Dave and I have a watercolor of our current house (given to us by the realtor) and have thought about getting her to do one of the townhouse we lived in before. But how cool is your painting!?!?!? I love it! And I love her work. I'll have to check out her site. I need to email you to catch up sometime! Its been ages!!! Zachary is almost a year old!

Jen - I saw your post too, which is what prompted me to come here and see if Stacy had posted her painting!

A Friend said...

:) What is making me laugh is that if I got this done, she (Layla) would have to draw the truck parked in front of the Brampton house! :)

Stacy said...

And would have to leave tire tracks in the front yard!!!!! :)

You should commission her to do a portrait of your kitties and doggers!! That's her specialty... although you probably know that :)

HEY LISA M! I'm so glad you wrote! Let's definitely talk soon!