Saturday, July 16, 2005

Elephants & Kangaroos

It's gone. All gone.

The blog I started a couple of years ago is gone.

I had intentions of printing all of my entries but I never did.

That blog held many very dear entries. It documented a very difficult time in my life and the triumph of Christ leading me through it.

And now it is completely gone.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

I've got to print these pages sometime. Does anyone have any ideas about a way to backup blogs like this other than to print hard copies?



A Friend said...

That makes me sick, Stacy! I was thinking about your journal E and K just the other night...

Amy said...

Oh Stacy! That's absolutely sickening! I haven't been very good at saving all of my blog entries, but at one point I copied a bunch and pasted them into a Word document. They're saved on my computer like that right now, but I really should burn them onto a disc.

bigsip said...

Try just copying and pasting them into Word like Amy said. You can just save them to disk that way...I found your blog through my wife's. Sorry about you losing all that history:(.