Monday, January 21, 2008

Montgomery Needs A Celebrity!

I know many of you lovely readers are as grossly curious about the celebrity world as I am so there's a chance some of you have already seen

I love this link because it lists so many celebrity Moms who have homebirths! I'd LOVE to get one of them to town for our big Rally / Business of Being Born screening on February 26th. Anybody have any connections? :)


~Crystal~ said...

I watched Ricki Lake's interview on Larry King the other night & thought about you. She said "The Business of Being Born" would be available on Netflix next month.

Stacy said...

Shhh, we don't want everyone to realize that until after they've come to see it LIVE with us! :)

Seriously, isn't it more fun to watch a film on the big screen with friends?