Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Edited - Some Of You Will Be Happy To Know

Lucky ducks, some of you are!

I'm taking on a new strategy regarding the educating of my readers about Midwifery in Alabama. As many of you know, I am involved with the Midwifery lobbying efforts going on in our state and, even though I'm anxious to share with everyone all of the info that I can, it has been decided by me to postpone (and remove) all the educational posts until after it's all presented at the State House. Even though the info is already "out there" in our publications, I don't want to provide spoilers so easily for the great adventure that awaits us in February.

This might not make sense to many of you and a lot of you aren't even reading this sentence because you moved on already, but I felt the need to explain a little about why my scheduled posts have changed.

You may now resume your day :)

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