Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let It Sn....Nah...Too Easy

I wonder how many Alabama blogs have titled their entries from that famous song over these past few days?

Y'all know it's cold outside when it snows, right? That's why Ray is the only one in these pictures. P-Paw and Ray were the only two willing to brave the wintry elements for the Kodak cause. Indie and He-Man stepped outside for a little bit but they were much like their Mommy in realizing that snow is much more enjoyable from a window inside the house.

Poor Rocky has had a zany "sleep virus" accompanied by some fever and nausea, and it kept him from going out at all. Of course, I wasn't going to take Captain out in it (sorry if that makes me a 'bad' Momma) so these pictures show a very determined and happy little girl who knows the real meaning of making the most of a rare opportunity!

A snowman and snow angel were absolutely mandatory to Ray and I thank her for her dilligence! And a tip of the hat to P-Paw for helping her out when everybody else was being a whimp to the cold!

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Susanne Goodin said...

Great snow angel! What a talented child you have!