Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fox News Has Kinda Ticked Me Off

I haven't mentioned it much for several reasons but this article/blog gave me what I needed to stand behind a public mention of frustration.

Be sure to click on both videos.


Optimus Primate said...

Good find, Stace! It just goes to show that Fox News, despite claims to the contrary, isn't really conservative and doesn't give a rip about news.

A genuine conservative (and libertarian) like Paul terrifies them, because he dares to point fingers at the man behind the neo-con curtain.

I certainly don't agree with some of Paul's positions (his thoughts on the First Amendment terrify me, in point of fact), but the treatment he has received in the media as a whole -- and at the hands of Fox News specifically -- is simply disgraceful.

Steph said...

ALL media outlets are bogus. You just have to browse EVERYTHING and do your best to decipher the "info." On a related note, the Republican nominee--like it or not--will be John McCain. Sorry but Paul was destined to be a Ross Perot at best.