Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ha! "Diabeetus"

I can't stand these advertisements but my kids cackle over Wilfred's commercials...and ALL because of the funny way he pronounces this word.

Boy, they are gonna LOVE this! (Thanks to Jen to making me aware of it!)


Anonymous said...

Props to Jen because I found it there first too but I'm not sure if I can post on her page. For some reason, I laugh until I don't make any sounds at all when I watch that. The boys keep calling me "weird" for laughing so hard but it just tickles me. Who on earth came up with that? Someone with too much time and an interesting sense of humor I suppose!


Jen said...

Why can't you post on my page???

Stacy said...

I'm guessing you mean when I commented on your page saying, "I'm gonna have to embed the video at my blog, though cuz I don't want them clicking into youtube. Bad words abound! Even on the daggum comments section of THAT video! Goodness...."

Is that what you're asking?

I just can't "link" to the video because my kids look at my blog. I don't want them wandering into the youtube website (you had a link directly into the site) even just for that one video. If they scrolled down into the comments of the youtube video, they would see TONS of words I would rather them not see.

Jen said...

No no. I meant how come "Uma" couldn't post a blog response. I totally understand why you wouldn't want yo kidz going to Youtube! :)

Stacy said...

OH ohhhhhhhhhhh :)

Maybe she'll see this and explain, cuz i don't know.