Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coughs, Knobs, & A Faux-Hawk

Before we went to the beach, Henry was trimming the bushes. That night and the next day (beach day) he had a pretty rough cough. He said it came from the dusty mess found in our previously neglected shrubs. Made sense to me. He struggled with feeling icky off and on at the beach but we kept thinking it was just his outdoor work causing the problems.

Then a couple of the kids started coughing after we got back home. Not sick, just a nagging cough. Hmmm.

This past Wednesday, Captain and I got it. Blech. We needed some major naps and lots of kleenex. Henry stayed home with us that one day because I really needed to rest enough to make it to church that night (which I did.) Poor Captain was dealing with teething on TOP of whatever we had (btw, teething saps a baby of their calcium reserves which DOES make them more susceptible to germs -- even though peds usually say that sickly, teething babies are just coincidental...whatever.) Thankfully/unfortunately, the tooth he was cutting broke through on that same Wednesday. He had a rough day.

But we're better, THANK YOU GOD, and hopefully its the last of sickness for a lonnng while. Teething, however, is only just beginning.


We're packing things up to move in with the Gardeners next weekend! The boxing process is not going as fast as I'd like.

We're also making official, gotta-cross-these-off, lists of things we will be doing before sticking a sign in the yard. The house should be on the official market in just a couple of weeks!

Tonight we bought some new kitchen cabinet knobs on ebay. They were an incredible price compared to retail stores like Home Depot or even Walmart (whose options were crappy anyway) so we're just hoping they're good quality. They look to be nice and should be a simple way to spruce up the kitchen just a bit.

Watching "sell this house" -type shows is my way of doing research in this apparent "buyer's market." Our agent will meet with us after Labor Day to help further.


He-Man is awesome. I'm just sayin'. Since watching the HORRIBLY (horribly) lame kid movie "Shark-Boy & Lava Girl" he has desired "spikey hair." It used to be that he was pleased enough with letting the girls play hair-do with him during bathtime but in the last couple of weeks, he's seriously wanted to carry the look with him throughout the day. So I've let him wear it up some but without using hair products, it wouldn't last very long. But the look has grown on me so today I used hairspray and gave him an adorable little faux-hawk.

He was beaming with pride, looking at himself in the mirror over and over and smiling.

Then he cracked us up by saying, "I look like Zac Efron!"

As we were standing in the hall outside of He-Man's class after church this morning, two cutesy, blonde, teenage girls walked by and said, "Awww! There's He-Man! HEY He-Man!!" As they walked off they said, "He's so cute!"

Yeah. I'm proud. Sorry :)


karen said...

Hey Stacy!'
I have a new Blogspt address.
Hope the move goes well

BTW - I need your email address. Can you send it my way.
Jen Has my email if you need it.

:) said...

Heh - and to think I saw the title and thought this would be a post about Sanjaya. . . :) Cute stories!

I can't believe you're moving back to Butterville (love the moniker btw!) Are you going to be sharing more about this decision? How long have you been in your house? A couple years, max? Seems like yesterday you were moving in!

Qtpies7 said...

Nice blog! I'm a nursing momma, too, and I cloth diaper, too! I'm so very hooked on cloth!
I have a give-away on my blog for cloth diaper laundry soap if you are interested in entering. Its mom-made by a friend of mine.

You are brave moving in with family! We've done it for short periods of time here and there, and it is trying at times. We did it while homeschooling, too. That was interesting to say the least!
Good luck with your house selling!

HEWY said...

I think I caiught the same. Great Blog!!