Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Beautiful Way To Do A Beautiful Thing

PLEASE don't think you have to be a public nurser to breastfeed successfully. I have to say that being able to nurse discreetly in public is awesome because you can often calm a fussy/squirmy baby without anyone having a clue what's going on. I know, however, that the "discreet" part of nursing is sometimes difficult and often requires lots of attempts, patience, and practice.

So, for those who prefer a little assurance that their 'bidness' is kept private, these HOOTER HIDERS (aka Nursing Covers) might be just the thing for you! The fabrics are GORGEOUS!!!

(Gotta give source kudos to Lactation Consultant Extraordinaire, Amy Spangler, for her site It's a new favorite I stumbled upon this week.)

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

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