Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dragging This Out

Since Blogger is STILL not letting me upload pictures, here's a non-photo related tidbit of the travel story. I promise to write more when I can share the pictures.


First, I definitely need to tell you about Henry putting the in-flight US Airways magazine in my lap with his hand covering part of an article. In the left margin of one of the articles there was a caricature of a handsome black man in glasses. Henry said, "You will not believe who this is."

I go back and forth with him thinking it must be a celebrity but he soon halts that train of thought and says, "No, this is someone you know and this picture makes him look older than he really is."

So I start thinking it must be a doctor who has had something to do with Mannatech. Maybe Dr. Ben Carson?? Dr. John Rollins? I mean, what other black man would I know that would be in an in-flight magazine?

Henry doesn't say, "No" but moves his hand instead so that I can read the name. It said, "Twas The Gift Before Christmas" by Dr. Eric L. Motley! (for those of you who don't know -- Eric is a guy I went to school with.)

My next tidbit occurred during our Charlotte layover. While ordering breakfast at one of the concourse snackbars, the gal behind the counter asked, in a somewhat shocked manner, "How many months are you?" When I answered "seven" she gasped and said, "It must be twins, right?"


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