Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Travel of Day 1

I've got to break down the post about the trip in a few easier-to-chew bites. I hate that this will cause the rundown to be a little backwards for people who don't check the blog daily but hopefully it won't ruin your day :)

Monday, December 11, 2006 (click pictures to see them bigger)

The sun found us above the clouds Monday morning. We flew out of Montgomery to Charlotte, NC and then to LAX. The layover was perfectly scheduled -- just enough time for potty breaks and food but not so much time that we ever waited to board the plane. In fact, we were almost considered late boarding the planes both times we were in NC.

The flight to CA made me realize there are lots of places in the United States that I definitely need to visit. I wish I had a window seat for this particular flight but my need for leg room kept me at the aisle. Thankfully the dude sitting at the window was friendly and talkative and was willing to photograph the beautiful landscape for us. He was also from LA and was able to point out a few areas of interest as we flew a path that was very familiar to him.

I wish I could see how this farmland looked from the ground. How do the farmers make such perfect designs?? And what is the reason? Anyone??

Colorado was BEAUTIFUL! I must admit that I was glad we weren't going anywhere snowy, though. I very much enjoyed the moderate temperatures of Hollywood. It was a lot like being home. The temperature, however, was about the ONLY thing like being home.

This (right) was our first real view of California. It was real easy to see how geography played a big part in categorizing different areas where people live (the Hills, the Valley, etc.)


michellemitch said...

Pretty! Can't wait for more!

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Cool! Keep the story coming!

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Waiting to hear more!