Sunday, December 03, 2006

TPIR Countdown

The Price Is Right trip is NEXT WEEK! We've finally gotten babysitters & house-sitters & dog-sitters arranged so all that's left is the packing and studying.

That's right. We're studying. I've tivo'ed all the episodes since we started planning for the trip. At lunch I watch it with the kids and jot down EVERY PRIZE and EVERY PRICE. I have a 12-page study guide that I've emailed (or had Mom email) to the 19 other people going on our adventure. I'm hoping that if ALL of us study, we'll be able to help whichever one of us gets on stage....and hopefully one of us will!

Here are a few examples:
(all below are only from the last few weeks)
*Least expensive - box of paper clips - $0.51
*"Worse Case Scenario" board game (shows up a couple of times a week) - $30
*Dinette range - $717 (casual glasstop by Ashley) to $4893 (glasstop by Carsons of Highpoint)
*Luggage range - $565 (3-pc. by Tutto) to $1070 (4-pc. by Pathfinder)
*Hot Tub range - (they give away LOTS of hot tubs on TPIR) $3495 (by Beachcomber - seats 7) to $8290 (7ft. by Sonoma)
*Trip range - $2405 (6 nights in Nashville - Sheraton Music City) to $7901 (6 nights in Venice)
*Vehicles range - $14,049 (Chevy Cobalt LS2) to $86,743 (Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible!!)

* Noteworthy - Winnebago - more than $73,000. We never found out the final price because the girl didn't win.

Both the Dodge Viper & Winnebago were grand prizes during the game "Golden Road." The Viper is the biggest prize won (or offered) to date on a DAYTIME Price Is Right. There have been more expensive prizes during the rare prime-time versions but nothing that much has been offered as a single prize during the daytime show.

*Showcases have ranged from $14,817 (casual Living Room set, carpeting, year-supply chocolates, trip to Switzerland) to $60,989 (trip to St. Lucia, $1000 cash, Chevy Corvette XE!!)

Don't y'all wish you were going with me!? There's still time! I can call to add up to 5 more people! Just let me know!


Anonymous said...

Best of Luck! I can't wait to hear how the trip turns out!!


Lisa said...

How much fun you're going to have!!!!! I want to know who all is going with you!!! And in reading your post, I'm realizing just how long its been since I've seen the show. When are you going and what day will it air? Do you know already?

Stacy said...

Lisa, I'm not sure if you would know anyone that's going other than Donnie & my Mom.

We'll be taping during the December 12th show (Bob's 83rd birthday!) and it will be aired sometime in February. I can assure you that the exact date will be posted here as soon as we know it.

Lisa said...

An interesting(?) bit of trivia - Dec 12th is exactly 11 years to the day from the day we graduated college!!! Yes, I have a weird sixth sense for dates. . .I need a hobby.