Thursday, April 27, 2006

No Turning Back Now

We've told ECS we're not returning next year and now we've purchased our curriculum. I guess we've definitely made it official that we WILL be homeschooling next year. WOW!

We're doing Switched On Schoolhouse for the girls and LIFEPAC for David. Hudson's even going to be getting a book to keep him involved with us when he wants to be involved.

We'll be using the Weaver "Success In Spelling" and "Penmanship To Praise" along with a Spanish course that all 3 can go through at the same time. We also bought a typing program that I know will be fun for the kids. With all the computer work we'll be doing, it will be nice for them to learn how to type the right way right from the start. They're all VERY good typists for their age but I want them to develop correct typing habits up front.


I was walking through the house today, stepping over junk and thought, "It looks like I live in a house with roommates whose mothers never taught them how to clean up after themselves."

Am I that Mother??

ACTUALLY, I can't fuss too much about today because, even though the house isn't in its greatest shape, I was joyfully surprised to see that the "Balloon Lagoon" game David & Hudson played this morning was COMPLETELY packed away in its box after they finished playing it. I was very pleased :)

FYI - Balloon Lagoon is the easiest game for children to put away all by themselves. It has great little sectioned areas with pictures of the pieces that belong in that spot. Brilliant packaging. Fun game, too!


Lisa said...

Wow, I didn't realize you were doing this! Good for you! You really should check out Ralph Fletcher's Writer's Notebook book for kids. You guys would have a blast doing them together.

Stacy said...

Thanks Lisa. Because of your recommendation I went to and ordered 2 of Fletcher's books. We'll give 'em a whirl!

I forgot to mention that we're asking Miss Jen to teach us in our "yearbook" (scr@pbooking) class.

We're getting so excited! :)

A Friend said...

This is exciting! Remember, if you ever want to hire me as an literature/grammar teacher, let me know! :)

~CRYSTAL~ said...

How exciting! I'm the ya'll are going to enjoy it! Are the kids looking forward to it?