Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Guess Who" - Game 2

This picture shows our friend with the Bl@ck Eyed Pe@s. He directed their latest music video.

To see his name, click here and watch the movie trailers of a film he just produced. He says they are in talks with the Sci-Fi channel. Let's all hope it works out for him!


A Friend said...

That's that karate boy. Forgot his name.

Lisa said...

Wow, I didn't know this! Cool!!! I didn't really know him, but knew who he was...

This is fun, Stacy. What else do ya got???

Stacy said...

Lisa, I hope you know that this 'game' is worrying me a little bit. I find myself wanting to take my camera to the kids' ballgames JUST to take pictures of people from high school so that I can post them here. I THINK I'M GONNA DO IT!

I bet I weird out some people asking them, "Can I take your picture and put it on my blog?"