Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Guess Who?" - Game 3

Here's a gal I've just newly re-connected with. Very cool and lots of fun. I know it was a God-thing that allowed us to cross paths again. We hooked up during a situation that we wish had never occurred but find it non-coincidental that we had a chance to talk and swap emails.

It's always neat to discover a spiritual level in people that was never explored in the surface days of cliques and fitting-in.

OK, there's 2 people in the picture but I only went to school with one of them. Bonus points for being able to ID both.


A Friend said...

Christy Bryant and...Heather Whitestone?

A Friend said...

PS. Would you like to adopt Stella? We would update her shots, get her cleaned up and put a Bama bandana on her if you and you sweet children would welcome her into your home. Stella Walker. Nice. Will you think about it????

Lisa said...

I couldn't remember Christy's last name.....and I was totally going to guess Heather Whitestone too. Well? Well???

And didja take your camera to the ballfield yet??? ;)

Stacy said...

Yay! You're both right :) Christi will be so proud!

I got permission to share her website. I wanted to help her get some hits since I'm using her picture for entertainment!

Lisa, I'll be toting my camera around. Don't you worry! We've got a game tomorrow night!

Jen...mmm...don't know. We're looking to get a puppy after ball season is over. I know Stella is a sweetie pie but we certainly couldn't give her much attention right now either. We're barely home.

I'm sure I'll be posting about our dog search before too long.

Stacy said...

Oops - got sidetracked while writing that last comment and forgot to put Christi's website URL

Here it is! Drop by and say hello!