Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gotta Love Them Rainy Saturday Mornings

I think most people will admit that a rainy Saturday morning is a pretty good thing. How many of us don't like a God-given excuse for sleeping in? And today's thunder and heavy rain couldn't have been more appreciated by anyone more than it was by our household today.

If it had NOT been raining, we'd have been rising and racing out the door to be at David's ball game at 8am. Then we would have been ready for H.A's game at 12 Noon.


and this

Became THIS -- a pillow-floored, quilt-covered, Jumanji-watching morning of rest. Oh how this was needed!

We're still getting ready to go out for lunch at the Walkers and hanging-out time with the Greens (although THEY don't know that yet. Wonder if they're home....hmm...) and then to Shayne's 6:30 game. Donnie will have his first night of the Passion Play. We won't see it tonight but thankfully, it will be performed 3 more nights.

Hope everyone has a lovely day! Hope you all are as well-rested as we are. Ahhhhh, a little R&R sure goes a long way!

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A Friend said...

Looks like a sweet Saturday morning.