Friday, April 21, 2006

All Clear in Calera

Thank you, Lord for allowing that 18-wheeler to prevent me from taking the previous exit which forced me to the Calera exit on I-65 Wednesday night. I was needing to straighten out the crooked windshield wiper that was driving me crazy and not working very well during the gullywasher we were plowing home through. Thank you, Lord for allowing me to be only yards from Walmart when the windshield wiper head actually broke off the arm of the wiper. Thank you, Lord for allowing Walmart to be a 24/7 biz that carries brand new windshield wipers for 2001 Honda Odysseys. Thank you, Lord that I finally figured out how to "just snap" the wiper head onto the arm.

Wasn't that a doozy of a thunderstorm on Wednesday night? I'm not saying it was actually FUN driving through it but I must say that I was impressed with God's MAGNIFICENCE with all those flashes of beautiful light around me. I-65 was very well-lit for my drive home. Incredible and non-stop power in those bolts. Wow. His Majesty.

I think the rain is subsiding for us right now. Two different news stations tonight had opposing views on our likelihood of more severe weather. I believe ol' Rich was throwing a jab at the "first forecasting" report from Channel 8. It was kinda funny.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We're preparing for a HUGE Saturday of ballgames and birthday parties. I hope to get some pictures for the lame little "Guess Who" game.

Night night.

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