Monday, November 28, 2005

The Pictures

Here are a few pictures to share with you the bad news I received from the camera shop today.

My camera stinks.

That's right. There is no user errors. I am doing everything right when taking pictures and the pictures are still terrible.

Wanna see what I mean?

Picture 1. Deceptive view of our tree that the girls, YES THE in S.R. and H.A. -- NOT Momma, put together. I had promised them we'd do the Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving this year (instead of December 20th or 21st like the last few years) and they were tired of waiting. So...since they were on "all-things-fun" restriction because of fighting, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The tree is a little crooked but's assembled! Looks nice (other than the blurry view) from this angle, doesn't it?

Here's view 2. We DEFINITELY need a taller tree. We're dealing with a higher ceiling than usual this year. I guess we'll cheat our way through it and see if we have any leftover money after the Disney trip. Maybe we could buy a good, tall one on sale after the holidays...

The stockings. One of my VERY RARE retail-priced purchases. We have gone without stockings for 2 years because I got rid of our matching 5 when Hudson was born. My intentions were to buy 6 matching ones on sale after Christmas. Well, uh, it's almost impossible to find 6 matching ANYTHING at after-Christmas sales. So, I forgot about it until the next year. At that time, I wasn't willing to pay retail for a matching set so we just did without. THIS YEAR, I would not let my family go another season without matching stockings SO I found this ADORABLE and PERFECTLY MATCHING set and paid WAY too much money for them. I felt guilty about it for a little while...but now I'm loving them. The green ones perfectly match Granny's chairs and the red ones perfectly match our sofa and loveseat. ADORABLE, don't you think!? (Wish you could see them for their real beauty and not the sadness of these shots.)

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A Friend said...

The pictures look exactly what it's like for me when I take my contacts out. Kind of makes me sleepy, seeing the pics--as that is how pre-sleeptime is for me.