Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Impressive. I have at least two of my "froggers" who are hooked on the NaNoWriMo event. That's writing a novel of 50,000 words during the month of November folks! Whoa.

Best wishes to:
Max (a guy I've never met but a friend of Jen's that I've been reading for a long time. I did figure out that my sis & brother-in-law go to the same gym Max does, though. Weird how we figure out things like that isn't it?!)
Willena (another friend that I've never met in person but a dear friend nonetheless. Bet you didn't know she was Canadian! Did ya, eh?)!

We look forward to hearing how it works out for both of you!

Any others out there?


Willena said...

Hehehe. Thanks Stacy! :oP

BTW, I am not the only ne in my household. Daughters Irene (22) and Raewyn (18) and sons Andrew (14) and Timothy (12) are all writing madly each day, and Ian is doing it unofficially in his spare time at work! Definitely a family event!

CFchampion said...

wow, from your blog I can tell that you're a great writter. what are you writing about?
wish you lots of luck!
your posts about Sam Catser being missing were quite enjoyable. at first I thought you were talking about the actual Sam Caster and then I remember that you named a cat Sam Catser and I looked back and sure enough I hadn't read it thoroughly enough.

Stacy said...

Joey :) I wish I was able to pull off writing a novel but I'm only FRIENDS with people who can write a novel!

Glad you caught the Sam CATser. I think you're only the 2nd person to notice the name! LOL

Love ya girl. Keep sharing the gift!

Willena said...

Joey, if the first part of your comment is for me, thank you for the compliment! :-)

I am writing about two 18 year old girls, best friends from early childhood, who are separated for the summer because one travels 2400 miles to help her sister, who is about to give birth to her eighth child in ten years. Some things will happen to test their friendship, along with lots of personal growth.