Thursday, November 10, 2005

Giving Them Distance

It's amazing how much more peaceful tired children can be when I'm not around. Don't get me wrong, sometimes my distance from them CAUSES problems and they beckon me with their cries of sibling anguish....but right now, they are all acting TONS better without my presence.

I'm listening to SR and HA practicing their "Ode To Joy" on the keyboard and electric guitar. This is their first combined rehearsal of the song and they are preparing for the school's February talent show. While I was in there hovering, there was a LOT of growling and complaining. As I was giving them attention, the boys (in the tub) were griping and fighting wishing THEY had my attention instead of the girls.

Then the phone rang and as I answered it, all the commotion settled.

Kids are so unpredictable. Sometimes, that phone ringing is a MAGNET for their pestering. But maybe because I was being more of a pest TO THEM this time, the phone call was actually a sigh of relief.

The girls' music is improving as I type. IN FACT (WOW... I wish I could type my surprise) they just went through the verse (or whatever -- I'm no musician) one full time without a mess-up! Goodness. MUCH better than a few minutes ago.

I told them they had to run through the 'whatever' (it's only the first two 'lines' or whatever of the song so far) 50 times before they could quit. They are making tally marks of each time through.

Hud and D are playing peacefully in the tub and laughing.


After getting the girls from school, we're driving out of the parking lot and SR says, "Guess what Caroline named her turtle......" (short time for true guessing) "Pokey!"

The kids giggle.

HA: "I would have named him Fred."

SR: "I would have named him Bill."

DY: "I would have named him Buck."

Rolling laughter....

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