Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another Friday Night Brush With Fame

OK, "fame" and "brush with" might be a little strong to describe our PREVIOUS Friday night outing but we've actually had a closer "brush with" a more "famous" person within the last couple of weeks.

A couple of Tuesday nights ago, I ran into a gal at the mall that used to be my 'student teacher' at the dance studio. She was/is a WAY better dancer than me but since she was still in high school at the time, I was the official teacher and she was just the assistant. I let her do much of the class, though!

Anyway, I ran into her at the mall and well....she has a famous boyfriend...and he was WITH her that night! I met him and introduced him to SR, the only 1 of the 4 kids who were interested in meeing him, even though all the kids were there. She actually knew who he was!

So, we chatted for a few minutes and then moved on with our plans for the night.

Later we found out this famous person would be performing Friday night so, OF COURSE we made plans to attend! Now ALL 4 kids think he's cool!

Here he is...with our crappy camera (hope it doesn't make you TOO drowsy, Jen :) and one stolen from elsewhere on the web. This is Elvis Stojko. Multi-world-champ and 2-time Olympic Silver medalist. He's the first to successfully land a quadruple jump! I've always thought he was cool (heck, his name is ELVIS which gives him big points right away! LOL) but now I'm a bigger fan than ever!

We are still shopping for a new camera so please bear with me these few more times.

Our pathetic version of Elvis.

Picture (couple of years old) hijacked from the web.

Quick plug -- Elvis will be on CBS December 10th. Watch "ICE WARS - Battle of the Sexes" 8-10 PM CT.

Before the show:


coachcharliepeck said...

HI Stacy,
What a wonderful experience for your family. Your children are adorable. Elvis is one of my favorite skaters. And, yes, I can certainly relate to the family Christmas photo issues. I have a digital camera also, and we had a friend take a picture of the five of us. I enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Stacy said...

Well I am happy to report that we have a NEW digital camera! Merry CHRISTmas to us a little early :) We are thrilled with the improved quality already! Can't wait to figure out how to upload the pictures and show y'all!

Please read again soon and let me know you dropped by! Thanks so much for the kind words.

Merry CHRISTmas!