Sunday, December 18, 2005

Scared Of Santa

This isn't the reason we don't 'do' Santa at our house but it actually could be a pretty good argument if we wanted to use it! Thanks SO MUCH to Jen for posting this on her blog. They are all funny but I am pasting the direct links to my favorites here:

Picture #2 (seen here)

#5 - I'd be scared, too!

#6 - This kid looks photo-shopped to me.

#7 - How did this Santa get hired?

#8 - Creepy. Is that a kid on the far right or a "My Buddy" doll?

#9 - Unbelievable.

#19 - I think I went to school with the girl on the right.

#25 - I laughed and laughed and then I got grossed out.


A Friend said...

What's up with that last one? Balls???

Stacy said...

It's certainly not "take your pants in Santa"

There are some medical conditions (diabetes is one) that can cause HORRIBLE swelling like that, and even in just one side of the body. That's what it looks like to me the more I look at it....and yes, swollen 'others' too. >:-0

A Friend said...

He really should be home in bed, not out letting tykes climb all over it. Maybe he needs the money for surgery...