Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Post-AI Post

Well, I must say that I am pleased with the way Alabama was presented. And I love that the first gal was from Auburn :)

I think those judges had more fun here than anywhere else they've been. Good ol' Southern Hospitality paid off! And I think the "thank you" bit was awesome!

Yes, I know that there were probably more golden tickets given for non-Bama folks than Bama folks but it's cool to know that if any of them actually succeed in this competition that there will always be a connection to our great state.

I REALLY liked the Jack Black Osborne dude by the way. He was great!


The MannersCast said...

Ahh, yes! It's those MANNERS paying off once again.

I hope you guys are well!

Trent A.

Stacy said...

An answer to my confusion about the judges of AI being in Birmingham...

Thanks to Crystal at http://pinklucy.blogspot.com for clarifying (Crystal was actually AT the auditions! Cool, eh?)

Here's her explanation:
The first round of auditions were in August at the BJCC. It's were people audition in front of the producers. If you go back to my August Archive I have pictures of that. It's also where all the crowd footage was shoot.
The people that made it through that round, then come back for the 2nd set of Auditions & those are the ones where Simon, Paula & Randy are. Those took place on 2 days in Sept at the Hotel next door to the BJCC. From those auditons, they go to the Hollywood Round & so forth. Ryan was the only one that was there for the first set of Auditions & he wasn't there for very long, he shot his footage & left.

Ryan said...

I agree... I like the Osborne guy. We may actually watch this year. We usually just watch the auditions. We'll see :)