Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I sure felt like a Mom dedicated to her unborn child today while I was out hoofing it around the block in way-too-cold weather. I'm such a whimp in these freezing temps! My ears were killing me and my lips were numbed to a point of not speaking clearly. But since walking is SO important for optimal fetal positioning, I toughed it out. (But not without complaining a little!)

My out-of-the-womb children didn't seem to mind it at all, though. They stayed outside on the trampoline, even if only for a short while, after our walk. Crazy youth! The dog was no dummy, however. She followed at my heels, all the way into the coziness of the house.


Speaking of "dedicated," I know many of y'all out there are just as into American Idol as we are. I haven't said anything about it here yet but with them airing the Birmingham version tonight, I thought I should give at least a little shout-out about it. I'm very confused, though...all ads for tonight's episode lead us to believe that Birmingham was an audition stop just like all others around the U.S. whereas I was lead to believe by local media that B'ham was a last-minute add-on stop and that Ryan Seacrest was the only one of the celebrities in attendance the day of the auditions. But commercials certainly imply that Randy, Paula, and Simon are watching auditions in Idolville, AL. I'm wondering if maybe the BIG auditions (where footage is shot on the massive crowds outside the civic center) are used to whittle down the contestants to only those that are worthy of airing. Maybe the Big 3 Judges are then called in later?? Or maybe they were here in Bama all along and our local media coverage goofed or was lied to?

Anyone understand the process?? JD, do you know more about how this works? I'd really like to know from someone because I'm confused.

Here's to hoping that Alabama isn't too embarrassed after tonight's episode.

(Wondering, too if I'll see anyone I know...)


Jen C said...

I'm fascinated by all this too. I know we'll be embarrassed, but it wouldn't be right if we weren't, right? :)

J.D. said...

Actually, you're pretty close to right. Most of the time when the auditions start, they last two or three days. Generally speaking, the Judges Three are not there initially. The first days are generally when they cull through the crowd and separate out the ones that they want to send on to RPS.

The RPS auditions quite often take place on a different day, and have been known in the past to take place in different locations even. The producers ask the contestants to return wearing the exact same outfit, so as to give the illusion that it happened the same day. So what you're seeing in Birmingham may have happened weeks after the initial audition, possibly even in a different city.

Ryan said...

It's funny listening to you guys talking about being cold. It was 12 at my house this morning!!! 12!!!!

When it is 12 outside, your teeth ACTUALLY chatter!