Monday, January 22, 2007

Couldn't Find The Right Onomatopoeia

(It was very difficult for me to find the correct spelling for this word because if you google misspelled versions, other people out there in the world wide web have misspelled it the same way. Thankfully I remembered correctly enough to finally find the right way.)

I was trying to title this entry with a great little word to describe the way I have been feeling the last couple of days. "Ugh" and "oy" came to mind but they just didn't quite encompass the emotion of my poor bod.

It seems to have happened overnight. I believe I have gained 100 pounds, all in my belly, and have swallowed some sort of giant stone that thrusts my belly button out into a whacky misshapen hump that pulls so tightly at my sides that I feel as if I might burst. God's plan to prepare a woman for labor works quite well when He allows a completely lovely pregnancy to be attacked in such a way in the end. Last week I would have said, "Hmm, I'm in no hurry to have this baby. I feel good and still have some things to get done around the house before he gets here so there's definitely no need to rush." NOW I am fiercely trying to obey my nesting instinct and get this home ready for a new baby because I am READY for labor to commence. And JUST LIKE THAT ("snap") God's plan falls into place. How else could we be willing to deal with the work that labor entails if we weren't driven to a point of "ugh" and "oy" during the preceding weeks?

This is all familiar, though. I just can't believe it's here already.

I missed church last night because of this lump & pain. Captain is getting a little peeved at the tight quarters or something and is choosing to stretch out his complaints in a very attention-grabbing way. His largeness is causing moments of pain along the lower back pelvis region. If I was a first time Mom, I might fear these to be contractions but I am quite certain they are not. They don't feel like contractions and don't last for sufficient periods of time. They are just doses of reality that the time is nearing.

In addition to the low back stuff, I also get this really uncomfortable sensation on the front side where fists and elbows make their mark. It's no fun. And the every-30-minute-middle-of-the-night-bathroom-calls? DOUBLE-UGH!

Thankfully, the pains subside when I lie down to rest. And they don't last forever when I'm upright...just in phases. It's very positional and when Boy Baby is in the right position, I am fine. He even gets in a few naps and allows me a normal day. But when he gets restless in the afternoon and evenings..."ugh" and "oy..."

A trip to the chiropractor this afternoon held off the discomfort until a little later in the day.

And because I need to get to bed, I won't be making many efforts to smooth out the transitions in subject-changes.

The reason we ended up going to the chiro today instead of my regular Wednesday is because He-Man put his fingers in the automatic sliding door of the van. Three fingers were smashed. He seemed fine after the initial yowl but I wanted an x-ray anyway. THANK YOU LORD for an x-ray machine at the chiro. MUCH faster service and with less germs than your conventional pediatrician or doc-in-a-box office.

No breaks! YAY! I was pretty confident that would be the result but I feel better knowing for sure.

Warning - another change of subject, but at least I'm following somewhat of a segue...

Fingers :)

The girls have started back to piano lessons. OK, Indie has started BACK (took lessons last year) and Ray has just STARTED (took guitar lessons last year instead of piano.) We have found an AWESOME teacher in our neck of the woods and they have been going to her house the past few weeks. I'm VERY proud of their progression. Talented little boogers, I tell ya!

Eyes burning, back aching. Must sleep.

More later!


tidebelle said...

Oh! Piano Lessons. How well I remember those days. I feel your pain sister on the UGH! Boy do I recall that all too well. It was good to see you at Target, even if I didn't get to speak to you, but for just a second.
Love ya,

michellemitch said...

You're making me want to not be prego for a while... I did have the baby bug until reading this post. Thanks :) Love you.

Stacy said...

Don't you be blamin' me, Michelle :)

Jen C said...

I myself am thinking, "Cripes. What have I gotten myself into!!!"

Billy & Suzanne said...

The ughs and ohs must be driving you crazy! The end is in sight! And just think how blessed you are to be experiencing all of this. It is a comfort to me to look around and recognize that every person I see was once a pain in the belly!