Saturday, June 24, 2006


We have 2 girls & 2 boys. The tie-breaker is now on his or her way!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am now 6 weeks pregnant! Baby #5 should make an appearance somewhere in mid-February. The 17th is the official self-calculation but I will be seeing my OB on Wednesday. His guesstimate will probably be about the same. Of course, all "EDD" (estimated due date) are guesses anyway. We try not to rely on them too much.

By the way, all of this (OK not A L L of this) is because of Harris Anne. She had asked us for a baby sister a little while back. We chuckled and said, "You better pray and ask God about that one."

So yes, we're kinda thinking this one might be a girl.

Sorry it took so long for me to write a real entry about it all. I honestly was just waiting for Jen to get back from vacation. I was waiting for her to see my previous post before I started talking about it all too much. WELCOME HOME, Jen :)

I'm pooped, which hit me like a ton of bricks. You might remember it wasn't too long ago that I was loving my new-found energy. I'm now knowing that was before implantation. Ever since baby has burrowed into the lining of my uterus, I've been pretty slow. Not disabled by tiredness or anything but a little slow nonetheless.

Other fun signs of pregnancy:
opting for stretchy pants
occasional, yet major, prego-brain-fog. I HATE that. I apologize now for any zany thought-patterns and typos that occur from this day forward.
burping (although not as severe now as it was early on. Heartburn & burps were actually my first indication of something going on. One week before my period was even due I was like, "Hey....this is heartburn...Hmmm...there's only been 4 other times in my life that I've had heartburn...)

I haven't been following the Brewer Diet like I should but hopefully I can get better soon. We've been All-Starring these last few weeks and eating on the go too much. I am soooo ready for a calming down of the schedule. BUT, tired or not, I'll be pulling for our "Darlins" to make it to the District Tourney anyway. We're fighting through the losers' bracket right now (double-elimination) but won pretty strongly tonight. Harris Anne had no idea what all this "All-Star" stuff meant when she made the team but I don't think this is anything she'll ever forget now!


Lisa said...

YAY YAY YAY, I'm so excited for you all! Thanks for the update and keep 'em coming! And UGH, I hear you on the heartburn - the only time I've ever had it was when I was pregnant too.

Chris C said...

Congrats Stacy! If it's a boy I nominate the name Texas Ranger.

That way, on all rosters and alphabetical lists he'll be:

"Walker, Texas Ranger"

Rachel said...

Yaaaay Stacy!!! Welcome to the preggo club! About that heartburn... I'm not sure how you feel about medication during pregnancy, but after trying everything including a very restricted diet, Zantac is the only thing that helps me. Sam's club sells something like 400 of them for $15 in their brand.

Again, YAY!

J.D. said...

Heartburn? Does that mean I'm pregnant too?

A Friend said...

Congrats! Why didn't you allow Chris' comment? Just curious. Y'all hear that joke a lot? (Probably, huh?)

Stacy said...

Thankfully the heartburn has diminished dramatically. It's barely an issue anymore.

Congrats, JD! It'll be fun following YOUR pregnancy blog! LOL

Jen....I don't remember seeing Chris' comment! SERIOUSLY! Tell him to try again. Now I'm super-curious!

I've been zipping through my email a lot today and I wonder if I deleted it???? I don't remember declining any comments...

When did he send it? Seriously, have him try again, OK?

A Friend said...

We need an update.