Thursday, April 21, 2005

Writing this late

I really shouldn't be writing this late....and I shouldn't be writing in the fog of my 9:00 Mannatonin. But here I am.

Went to an awesome doctor today. He's new in town but I know his reputation for being a doctor of PREVENTATIVE medicine and one who is fairly well-educated (at least for a Internal Medicine doc) in Mannatech products. SO, I went for this general physical exam and got all my initial paperwork setup with him. Now, Heaven forbid I need to actually HAVE a physician, I am setup with a doctor that I trust.

The bad news. He wants to be my accountability for losing some weight. Ugh. I guess I should try harder now.

Had my very first pedicure today. It was A W E S O M E ! My feet aren't exactly CUTE (see post from a week or so ago) but they DO look better. And man oh man, they FEEL better! They're so silky smooth :) I will definitely be doing that again soon!

Got a haircut today, too. (Mom was babysitting this morning.) It's WAY shorter layers than I'm used to. I started out liking it but it's not looking so good after laying around watching TV. Hopefully I'll be cool with it. David REALLY likes it. Shayne was polite. I asked her, "Do you like it?" and she answered with the very mature, "Do YOU like it?"

My computer is making a weird noise. Better log this post before it loses it.

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