Monday, April 18, 2005

I know David didn't mean this the way it sounds but I thought it was cute and sweet anyway... (forgive the poor-man's-scan and forgive the lack of carriage returns -- the "Blogger Bot" for pictures doesn't allow it) -- Stacy: "David, do you know who this is?" (showing him this picture). David: "You?" Stacy: "Yep!" David: "When did you do that?" Stacy: "Before I got married." David: " Then why did Daddy like to play golf?" Posted by Hello


A Friend said...

What an awesome pic!

Velle said...

Thanks for leaving a comment!

I didn't realise they had changed the link to something else. It was essentially this really REALLY old MTV with pple flouncing around in really bad hair.

BTW, who do you worship with? I'm with the church of Christ in Canberra.

CFchampion said...

WOW! you look like a model!