Saturday, December 08, 2007

Playing Wears Me Out!

This is one of the most entertaining things to watch Captain do: He will take a toy or two and bat it across the floor and then go to it to do it again. With these particular toys, he makes me think he might be good at air hockey!

Every day he's a little bit closer to walking on his own!

After a long day of playing & learning how to walk, Captain likes to be rocked to sleep on the glider ottoman. P-Paw started this and Captain can hardly keep his eyes open when he does it!

Henry says he looks like a dwarf tap-dancer in his homemade baby-legs & Robeez!


Anonymous said...

Precious! Charlotte

Jamie said...

We need more hockey players in the south...keep working on that one!

The third video of him rocking cracks me up! I have a friend who's little guy would only fall asleep with his head hanging off of the bed/lap/couch/whatever...almost like he was upside down.

Stefanie said...

So adorably sweet! Precious memories!

Steph said...

I like Dad's comment about his head sliding off... I used to catch crap all the time when my boys were little about not supporting their head enough. Is that what's wrong with them now?!?

Ray said...

ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! I am soooooo keeping this!