Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Year In Review

I have a few things in my annual picture-palooza that didn't quite make the aka-blog-name cut so I decided not to post it here. It's still OK enough for the majority of the world's population to see but to keep the COMPLETE strangers from wandering too far into our biz, I thought I'd require readers to request the URL if you want to view it. It's 5 minutes+ of gratuitous Us but I'm quite proud of the way it turned out.

Most of you should have received an official link to it via email anyway, but if you didn't get one & would like to, just email me using the link in the sidebar & I'll make sure you get it.

(man, this has turned into a great excuse to pull you lurkers out of hiding!!)

Happy New Year!!


karen said...

hi stacy,

Could you send that URl to my email address? Loved seeing you at Christmas!

Steph said...

Just now got around to watching the whole thing today... sad, I know! Anyway, thanks for the props in the video. Sad that I hide from pics so much because no one in the younger generation will remember what I looked like when I'm dead and gone. :)

Stefanie said...

The video was very nice! You did an amazing job! May blessings continue to pour down on you and your family!