Saturday, September 18, 2004

Update from Ray

The weather got worese in the night. There was a Tornatow warning but my brother and sister did not know a thing about this and just kept on sleeping. In the morning the power went out and all we got to do was play games and color. At 5:00 the power came back on and we were going to spend the night with my grandparents but the power came back on and my mom dad and brother was at home and the kids spent the night with my grandparents just for fun. My other grandparentshad to bring there dog over to our house. It still was very busy!!!


lordvampire said...

hi hi , good it lok lik de part of a story

CFchampion said...

when i wrote mannatech on my interest i thought there would be some one else who had it in theirs! go girl!!!!

CFchampion said...

amen! i'm a mannarelief hope kid! my mom and dad are going on the carribean cruise! isn't that so cool?