Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Hallway Dash

The kids are running from the girls' bedroom one at a time while Henry times them to see who is the fastest sprinting to the kitchen floor and back. You see, we encourage running in the house. Sigh...

Next event, The Mattress High Jump.

Found out last week that too many people won the cruise so Mannatech had to work out a second cruise date. The second cruise is a day shorter and pays $250 spending cash (in exchange for the shorter trip) and leaves on the same day the first Manna Cruise comes in. They're looking for volunteers for the 2nd one and we have volunteered. All things are good for the 2nd trip other than the AL/AU game being during the trip. HOPEFULLY it will be on ESPN and HOPEFULLY ESPN will be available in the sports lounge or something! Otherwise we'll be getting the extra cash and will get the opportunity to rub elbows a little closer with the Corporate folks and doctors. And I'll enjoy the shorter trip. Henry will have to take less days off of work and I won't have to be away from the big kids as many days (He-Man will be with us since he's still nursing. Leaving him here would be absolute torture for everyone involved.)

He-Man is really doing well with potty-training. He's peed and poohed a couple of times (actually has poohed every time since the first time -- even though it's not a 'perfect' potty request. It's him telling me he's about to poop and me running him to the potty just in time.) He's still wetting his diaper because he only pees in the pot when he's considering poohing. And he's said he was going to pooh a lot more often than he actually did. Some of it is novelty and requires entirely too much time in the bathroom. Hopefully that will wear off soon. I'm also totally expecting him to lose interest soon, too. Maybe not but I won't be surprised if he does.

We had the big kids' year-older pictures today. They did really well. The change in Rocky from last year is HUGE! Not his looks but his willingness to have his picture made :) I'll try to send a picture from last year to the blog in just a minute....

Today is my sister's birthday. I had to do the math to figure out how old she is. That makes ME old, doesn't it? She was born in 78 so she's 26, right??? YIKES! That's old -- too old to be my baby sister, anyway. We partied at her house this past weekend and we gave her a tshirt that says "I Love Zack Morris" -- isn't that hilarious? She seems to really like it so that makes me happy. She's hard to shop for.

Allrighty, I have 4 kids surrounding me and making all sorts or racket so I guess I should close for now. He-Man is telling Ray (who is in my lap) "No, no, no, no." He's trying to push her out of my lap. Sigh.

Ray would like to say a few words:
He is making a lot of noise! I am not kidding! (TRUE) He is pushing me around now! Ummmmmm...Stop yelling in my ear He-Man!!! (I am just talking to He-Man!) Now my mom can start talking now! Here she is...........

Later gators :)

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