Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Of Course I Yell!

Lately, I've been asked by a couple of different people, "Do you yell at your kids?"

Yes, I assure you...I yell at my kids. I am not proud of it but they make me mean! Aargh!

Ray is at camp. I miss her.
Indie is on an awesome All-Star team. I hope they win sub-districts!
Rocky is almost finished with school. Yes, I admit it. He's not done yet. But he WILL finish.
He-Man scratched up his knee seconds before I was going to tell him, "You're going to fall if you keep doing that!" Sigh.
Captain is non-stop running now. He absolutely wears me out at the ballfields. We go between allowing him the freedom to roam and strapping him in the stroller. I accidentally left the stroller at home today. It was exhausting.

Here are some current pics. Enjoy :)


Amy said...

Very cute pictures. I was just thinking last night that it's time you posted some recent pictures. Although I've been guilty of being slow to post lately too.

Crystal said...

Cute Pictures!

Someone asked me the same thing last night - if I ever yell. They added that they've never seen me angry. I assured them, as did my children - quite emphatically, that I'm guilty of both. Just come to my house on a major cleaning day and you'll hear some yellin' goin' on. ;-)

Laurie said...

Glad to know I'm not alone ;) Stop by and check out my blog...and leave a comment :D