Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Have Been VERY Hesitant To...

Share this blog. Why? Because of the knowledge that I have some out-spoken non-Christian readers (and Dennis isn't the only one I know of, he's just the main one I know wouldn't object to the linkage) that I really hope will come to know Christ as Savior. You see, it's kinda one of those dirty-little-secrets-thing that you don't mind talkng about among like-minded people but something that can totally be taken too seriously and used as ammo against us by those who think in opposition.

The blog mostly pokes fun at Baptists and Baptist-ish churches. This will make some of you readers laugh because the truth hits too close to home. I hope others will see it as evidence that Christians are not perfect and that there are a great many who don't even claim to be! We all have our failings but through Christ and His Bride, the church, we keep running the race before us.


Optimus Primate said...

Sweet! New ammunition!

No, seriously, I was really, really disappointed with this site until I finally got to #245. Speaking as a Southern Baptist atheist, I think this should have ranked in the top 10.

Jen said...

Man that was a good link. I keep going back and reading more. He is a very funny writer. I love the stuff about VBS snacks and Red Rover. Made me laugh.

Thanks for coming out during the monsoon for Luke's party. Hope He-man isn't scarred for life by the experience.