Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vote For Rog!

***EDITED*** See below...
You know he deserves it over that Yankee! :) And he deserves it over the 2 people who have already been eliminated from the show and come back AND he deserves it over the girl who should have been voted off the first week!

I'm SO happy for all the Biggest Loser contestants, though! What a blessing!

You can vote 100 times per email address! So get cracking!

Roger Schultz from Alabama
From the Biggest Loser website (look at his weight loss chart! He set a BL record for most weight lost on campus!): Roger is a fun-loving Southern guy who is very loud and very outgoing. When he walks into the room you can see his personality a mile away. He's very proud of being an ex-football player for Alabama. Seeing his pictures you could tell why, the guy was hot!! He's very passionate about getting back to his playing weight. Not only for his health but because he wants to match his twin brother who is 198lbs. Nowadays, he satisfies his college football cravings by hosting a live radio show: In The Trenches. It's lists him as one of Alabama's favorite "football son". With his down-to-earth good ol' boy charm, I can see why.


Dear friends,

As most of you know, Roger has lost over 144 pounds in the last few months on the NBC show "Biggest Loser:Couples". After going through this dramatic transformation over the last 5 months, Roger is still the most caring husband, loving father, and loyal friend that anyone could pray for in their lives.

I am asking you to vote for my best friend and better half Roger to be the third finalist on the show. Please go to the following link If the link does not work, go to and select Biggest Loser:Couples. The voting link will be at the top of the Biggest Loser page. Each email address can vote 100 times until 9pm Thursday night.

I have attached a picture that brings me great joy. You can see how happy Ivan is to have his Daddy home!

Please forward this to your friends and family and ask them to vote for Roger!

Thanks for your help!

Love to you all,


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I didn't see this in time to vote but I hope he does great. In response to your comment, this farm is great. I'll try to bring some strawberries to you on Monday. If any are left! The guy spent the whole time telling me all about what they plant and how they plant it, showed the kids all the animals. Definately worth going for a mini-field trip and great produce.