Monday, November 19, 2007

Because I Know Some Pregnant Moms Stumble Their Way To This Blog

After Indie's induced labor & birth, I became very aware that induction is not the safest thing in the world. And for convenience (my case) it's downright stupid. But thankfully, Cytotec wasn't involved with me back in 1998.

Unfortunately, it is still very much used in 2007, even with articles like these being published, warning of the dangers.

Ladies, PLEASE be informed of everything related to a medically-managed labor & birth! Just because you aren't being told everything doesn't mean it's not happening! I remember many things that happened in births (while I doula'ed) that doctors & nurses did without asking...and Cytotec was one of them!


:) said...

When I was induced in 2004 my doctor used Cytotec, and discussed all the options with me before hand and I knew exactly what I was gettng into and felt comfortable with my choice. I know my experience isn't everyone's, but my induction was fine with no complications at all, and I had a very smooth delivery and recovery, and most importantly a healthy baby. I also had no interest at all (and still don't) in a natural birth for myself, although I think it is a fine option for those who want that experience.

Not looking to get into a debate - I know where you're coming from and I respect your opinion...and one of my very dearest friends is a doula who advocates for non-medically managed births so I'm don't think you're crazy by any means!! :) Just throwing it out there that it's not all horror stories. For me, it comes down to having confidence in your OB or midwife and having a productive, open line of communication and mutual respect that makes the difference. :)

So - when are you going for #6??? :)

Jamie said...

I was induced and had no problems with cytotec. I only had one dose because apparently I was in labor already and I didn't know it (First time momma oblivion).

Stacy said...

Hey gals! I am SO thankful y'all had healthy babies and uteri (is that plural? LOL) after Cytotec but we're talking hundreds getting negative outcomes because so many thousands are doing it. That stat just isn't worth it for me, ya know? And I feel women need to know the risks really are that high. Especially Moms in that "oblivion" you mention Jamie. How heartbreaking for that small percentage of Moms who experience tragedy that COULD have been different if they had known the risks and would have made different choices.

I can only imagine how idiotic people would think I was if Ambrotose was a 1 in a 1000 chance of causing my eyeballs to fall out but I continued to take it anyway. People would say, "Why would you risk that!? Ambrotose is SO NOT necessary! You dummy! Why risk even 1 in 1000??"

To me, induction is SO often not necessary and if there truly is an urgency for birth (because of some complication), then why ADD risk to an already risky situation? Pitocin is still viable for medically-controlled labors BUT more expensive for the hospitals...

I'll save my thoughts about "Thank God the doctors were there to save me/baby!" Or you can read, "Thinking Woman's Guide To Birth" by Henci Goer. See, many birth "emergencies" possibly occurred because of pushing over that first medically-managed-labor domino.

I just think there's a lack of skepticism in our culture towards medicine and entirely too much towards letting things work in God's way and in His design.

:) - I agree this isn't a debate, just expressions of thought! Oh, and I'll answer your question about baby #6 if you update your blog! LOL

:) said...

I updated....lame as it is. Now SPILL! ;)

Stacy said...

HA!! Got you to update and I have NOTHING important to say! Neener!!

Let's see, your question was, "When are you going for #6?" and the answer to that is, "We're not gonna "go" for #6"

Of course, we didn't "go" for numbers 3, 4, or 5!

And if you think about where we're living....It ain't gonna happen! LOL

:) said...

Neener! :)

Julie said...

What a great post! I was going to be induced with DD and began researching the Cytotec the doc had mentioned in passing.
My friend was induced with this stuff and her water broke and the cord was prolapsed and she was rushed for an Emergency c-section.
Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not...

This stuff is specifically not recommended by the FDA for induction. I told my doc and he said "off label use" is very common and if it was my wife she would have the cytotec.

I was so concerned I cancelled my induction the morning of the evening I was supposed to go into the hospital!!

So glad I did, one week later DD came on her own!!

Such a great post Stacy - the docs make it seem like it is no biggie...but it is!!
mom2samantha (Meg)