Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Poor Mush Brain

I'm proud to say that not much brings me to tears these days. I'm especially proud that I can say that while still in a post-partum period. But I confess that I nearly lost it today.

There one thing that makes me more nauseated than wasting time is wasting money and today I thought I had done both through a terrible and embarrassing brain malfunction. Today was the last day I could order the SATs for the girls to be tested next month. I called the number, spoke with a lady that was a little "hmph" about me waiting until the last minute. I placed the order for a 2nd and 4th grade test. She said something like, "Do I have permission to confirm this order? Once submitted, it cannot be changed." I said, "Yes."

But did you catch the mistake? My girls are in 3rd and 5th grades! Not 2nd and 4th!!! And when we were doing the order she said things like, "2nd grade Spring, 3rd grade Fall." And I followed-up with, "Yes."

After giving my debit card information and getting an order confirmation number, I hung up the phone. And by God's mercy, I realized my mistake.

My eyes burned with near tears. NEAR. I tried to remain calm. Maybe there's still time to correct the error.

And thankfully there was. It took several minutes to cancel the previous order and place a new one but, PRAISE GOD, the error was corrected. Of course, I allowed Captain to fuss in the background, ever so slightly, as I used him and my hormonal mushbrain, to be part of my stupidity alibi.

The time wasted wasn't nearly as disgusting as the 88 bucks that might have been thrown down the toilet. Oh how I wish 88 bucks wasn't a big deal but it SO is.

Well, the Captain is really needing me now. I'll post about my struggles with priorities later.

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