Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Hope my title for today's blog doesn't put any kind of weird links on my page ;)

The temperature today was brutal. Honestly, I don't even know what it was on a number scale but I can tell you that it was miserable being outside.

I had a very disappointing experience with the kids and a fun activity I had planned for them. We were playing at the Splash Pad near the Amphitheater when a mean old man from a construction crew came and said we couldn't be there because they were working. I couldn't believe he wouldn't let us be there when his workers were nowhere close by. I told him we had checked with the city's Visitor Information Center and were told that the Splash Pad was indeed open and that they even drew us a map on exactly how to walk to it when we went into the visitor's center. I told the dude the web site said it was open and that if it was closed that many city workers were wrong.

He said something snide under his breath and then turned off the water!!!! THEN he sent a Bike-Cop to run us off. Ugh. What a doofus. AND IN 100+ weather!

Anyway....this crankiness leads me to copy/paste a bit of an email I sent tonight describing the importance of something as simple as hydration and behavior. The point of the email was that ANY type of nutritional deficiency can affect behavior. This particular Mom had asked me about the Cellular Restoration Program for children and whether or not it might help her daughter. I hope it makes the point:

(snip) Our child's Cellular Restoration Plan is WONDERFUL. I think you'll see alot of behavioral improvements with it. Nutritional aspects of behavior are huge. Just today I was reminded of how important our nutrients are to our children. We had been playing outside and the water we had in our water bottle had gotten hot and gross so nobody wanted to drink it (even me.) So we had to deal with our thirst for the drive home. Would you believe my daughter Shayne started crying and whining in the car and just couldn't control herself emotionally? It was SO annoying! And then I got cranky with her because I was thirsty, too! But when we pulled into the gas station, bought a couple of Dasanis, it was like a MIRACLE occurred! My children became happy and sociable. I became happy and sociable. We all were able to have a wonderful afternoon at home together. Her behavior wasn't good because she was lacking what her body needed. When our kids lack the nutrition they need from fruits and vegetables, their behavior will be altered. (snip)

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Velle said...

I know this isn't gonna make you feel better... but it's -2 here in Canberra, Australia...