Saturday, May 14, 2005

Motivational Neighbor

I went to bed last night at 2:30 as predicted (decided??) by the way.

I have FOUND that wonderful neighbor that I have always wanted. First, we borrowed flour from her/them as a last minute school project needed it (making a volcano -- last minute on our part and not the part of the teacher). It was an amazing blessing that we could call on her and she could ANSWER! Next, I have found a WALKING BUDDY! She's a night owl like me and we made a plan to start walking on as many nights as we possibly could at 9:00. I was supposed to call her tonight at 8:30 to confirm but when I got no answer, I was actually RELIEVED. I was sooooo exhausted from staying up late last night and then getting up early for ball games today, sitting in the hot sun for 2 ball games (the second being at noon!) and then going to an outdoor birthday party for Seth (1 year old yesterday!) Anyway, I was pooped and LOVED the fact that it appeared to be my neighbor's fault that we didn't go walking because I actually did what I was supposed to do. But at 9:15 there was a knock at the door and she said, "Get your shoes on and let's go!" Dang.

So we went walking and it was WONDERFUL! Turns out she was on the other line when I tried calling her and she didn't recognize my phone number (I wanted to say 'duh' LOL). But she knew I was home so she got my butt in gear and we walked. It was really nice. I'm very much looking forward to this routine and encouragement. YAY!

AND, she's considering the possibility of doing Trading Spaces :)

Oh, and I have the blessing of already knowing this neighbor from when I worked at ECMI. We have LOTS to talk about when we walk and that makes it really fun.

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karen said...

Hi stacy!
I tried to email ya earlier this am and it came back. Can you send me Your New Email address or Send it through Jen.

Karen :-)