Saturday, October 16, 2004

They Never Cease

My children amaze me all the time.

Rocky came running inside, "Daddy, Momma! We need a bowl for Ray to put the lizard in!"

Yes, my darling, sweet little Ray is a lizard-wrangler.

The big kids are on the porch right now building an ecosystem for their new creature. Poor fella. Hope he's had a good life because it's likely to end today.

And speaking of kids....

Teething has become a nuisance again. He-Man had a really nice stretch of just enjoying his mouthful of biters but now he's growing 2 more. This causes him to want to nurse alllll the time. He wakes crying if he's detatched but if he's latched on, he's fine for the course of the evening.

And during the day, all he wants to do is sit in my lap and nurse. He'll have stretches of wanting to get down and play but many times he wants to nurse for just a little bit. The precious thing is that he is very appreciative. Yesterday evening we were outside enjoying this gorgeous weather and he needed to stop playing to nurse a little while. When he was done he covered me up and said, "Done. Thank you, Momma" and then gave a wonderful little grin over his shoulder as he walked away.

Lord, please help me remember THAT instead of the seemingly constant nagging. Lord, also help me remember that these days are so short and that it won't be long before he's running away from me to catch lizards and chase girls.

Lord, I also pray for a really great sale on digital cameras the weekend of October 29 so Henry can finally go get his birthday gift for us all to enjoy :)

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A Friend said...

The lizard and the ecosystem comment made me laugh out loud. Too funny.