Saturday, July 24, 2004

Meltdown - Life-changing experience

Actually, there hasn't been a 'meltdown' but in this heat, I don't feel I could adequately name the entry "rundown" because I ain't running no-whar today!  It was so hot today that the kiddie pool (pretty big this year by the way!) went from being a refreshing place of fun this morning to a boiling hot tub this afternoon.  Henry picked up 3 bags of ice at the gas station to throw in the pool with the kids and it melted, literally, within seconds.  It was so unbearable that He-Man cried and said, "hot" when we tried setting him down into the water.  It was terrible!

But I'd still take this heat to freezing temps ANY day!

OK - now for the meltdown/rundown of this week's life-changing experience...

Both girls prayed to God to save them by professing their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior.  They prayed for forgiveness of their sins and a belief in Christ's taking on of their sins, His death and resurrection, and a committment to Him to live a life to glorify Him.  It was quite awesome!

The best part about it was the peace I had that their prayers were genuine.  I love it.  I questioned them enough for them to be certain of what they were saying and doing and enough for me to feel sure of their understanding.  But I didn't want to make them doubt what they felt led to do.

And a cool encouragement from the Lord this week has been their 'blooming' of their faith and desire to publically profess their salvation.  Originally they were nervous to just tell their Daddy.  But as the week went on they were more and more willing and even desiring to tell grandparents and church leadership.  Tomorrow both girls will "walk the aisle" and make a public profession to the church of their salvation.  Henry and I are praying for this to be a time of committment and profession of a true conversion and not just a ritual of church membership.  Please pray for this with us.

Thank you Lord for saving my sweet girls and bless us all to continue leading so that the boys can be saved in the very near future as well.

Glory, Hallelujah!   I am in awe of your faithfulness!


babygirlaj said...

Praise God! How wonderful for you. And all the angels in Heaven rejoiced too. I love to hear of new Christians, thanks for sharing. BTW, I am new to the blog thing and found yours. Hope you don't mind me being nosy.

tidebelle said...

That is wonderful!!!! Praise God for working in your lives!! You are such a great Mom to those 4 kids!! Keep up the good work. We can all as parents only pray for the day when our loved ones will accept Christ!!! God Bless!!

Stacy said...

Thanks, y'all!! It truly is a blessing and all Praise to God for His faithfulness!

Please pray for their baptisms next Sunday, August 1.