Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Henry told me when I walked in the door tonight, "I think he's going to poop so I haven't changed his diaper yet."

You see, it's really easy for us to know when He-Man will be pooping soon.  He doesn't like it and gets this look on his face as he clenches his butt cheeks.  He usually does this successfully a couple of times before he can no longer hold it in. Then he will even begin to tell us, "Poo poo" as he feels the urge.

It wasn't long before I was given the signals.  "Poo poo....." he strained.

I said,  "Do you wanna go poo poo on the potty?"

He said, "Potty?"

I said, "Hey!  Let's go!"

I took him from my lap, stood him on the floor, held out my hand and said, "Let's go potty."

He then proceeded to walk me to the bathroom.

I am not making this up.

He walked to the toilet and started pulling on his diaper.  I undressed him and pushed the stool to him so he could stand on it.  He kinda imitated Rocky when he stands to pee by arching his back a little bit.  I hollared out for Henry to come watch.  I knew this would be entertaining.

Then he lifted his leg like he wanted to step INTO the potty.  I picked him up, turned him around, and sat him there on the pot.  He sat and then squirmed down.  He stood up to mimic peeing again and then wanted to step in again.  We did a few little routines of this up and down, up and down.   And whenever he would want to touch the potty with his hands, I'd move them and say, "Yucky!" and he'd repeat, "Gucky?"

Then.....that little face showed up.  Quickly, I grabbed him up and sat him on the potty.  He strained to hold it in but it just wouldn't stay any more and he pushed and groaned.  I don't know why he hates pooping so much but he does.  And when the groaning subsided there was a "plop".

I looked behind him and TA DA!   It was so pretty!  Nice color and everything :)

I showed him, "Look!!!  It's your poopy!  YAY HE-MAN!"  Henry said, "Give me five!"  We were SO HAPPY!

I don't know if he realized how huge a deal this was or not but he enjoyed flushing (the first time we allowed him to push the lever) and watching his poop disappear.  We've not let him flush yet because we wanted it to be a reward for actually putting something INTO the toilet and not just for fun.

Who knows.  This could have been just a really happy coincidence this time but maybe it is something that will make a memory for him to build on in the near future!

Happy 16-month birthday little He-man!  I love you!

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tidebelle said...

Yes, that does sound easy. I'll ask my little girl "Need to go potty?" and she'll say her favorite word "No!". Guess she's just not ready. She will be soon though I know it. She's already alerting us like Hudson did you last night before the event happens. God love 'em. :)