Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I have to tell y'all...I wrote a blog post somewhere else. Is that bad?

I don't have a perfect excuse, just a desire to get writing again. I kinda want to start with an introduction of who I am and everything. My blog feels VERY stale and I don't know how to get it going again. And I have a tendency to just wipe the board clean to get a fresh start on difficult things.

Can I start fresh here when the blog is so old?

So I stuck my toes in the water of a local online magazine. I gave a very general overview of who I am. We'll see if anyone gives a rip and responds. If they do, I'll probably write more soon. If they don't, my shadow will probably not darken the doorway again.

Those of you who REALLY know me know I'm a words-of-affirmation gal and I'm antsy for comments whenever I post something. In fact, I don't post anything unless I think it might get a nod or two. Otherwise, why waste your time or mine? But the truth is, I just don't know what to write any more! I'm not funny enough to make my cluttered life interesting enough to read, and the potentially discussion-sparking posts are often out of the interest-spectrum of my regular readers.

So, I'm handling this like I handle a cluttered closet. I'm just starting over...but in this case, I'm testing a whole new closet instead of tearing stuff out and re-organizing. Sometimes that is easier.

Chances are high that the other blog flops. I'm not sure the readership is very strong yet... And I might regret starting it any way. I just feel like it would be more acceptable "there" to be cheesy and boring :) People might even respond to it.

OK, that's helped me pinpoint my struggle here..y'all are an intimidating audience! That's it! That's why I feel the need to move! So many of you are EXCELLENT blog-writers and I know I don't cut it. I guess I feel a desire to go somewhere less cultivated.

Ugh. What a weirdo I am.


Steph said...

Oo oo, I even have a pseudonym dreamed up for my secret blog that I have yet to start... that makes me a bigger weirdo!!! I imagine I would feel much freer to write if I didn't personally know any of my readers and I grappled with linking my facebook account to my blog (alas, I was a reader whore) so I know how you feel. Good luck with the new blog... I've personally become to self-absorded lately to post or even track other blogs. I think eventually SOS will go the way of the dodo bird. Sorry to disappoint you all... :)

Steph said...

PS: I don't like writing about my kids and everyday life (I mean, hello, pick up the phone and let's talk if you want to know what's going on in my world!) but that's what gets ALL the readers in the blogosphere. You'll get plenty of readers if you write about adventures with FIVE kids who homeschool to boot. Man, people really love to peep into the windows of your personal life. And man are they disappointed to find mine are nailed shut!

J said...

Y'all are both weird as hell. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little dense so forgive the you have another blog? Suzanne

:) said...

At least you're still writing. I haven't updated my blog since announcing my daughter's birth ONE YEAR AGO. (and I always HATE it when bloggers disappear after giving birth!! What a hypocrite?!?!?!?)

Does this mean none of us get your new url? Boo.

Enjoy your new closet! :)

Stacy said...

I don't know if I'm quite ready to publicize my new hiding place yet but it might not be too tough to figure out. Think local...think of a publication (not The MA)

I like the fact that the readers don't know me. It's different than talking to my friends. I love to talk with my friends on fb but this 'secret' blog thing is fun :)

Jamie said...

I've had a hiding place for about a year now. I got tired of it and directed all of my traffic to my "real" life.
But for a while, my hiding place served its purpose.
Hide away, I say. Hide away. And don't feel guilty. It is all part of our personal journey!

J said...

Come back.