Saturday, January 03, 2009

Don't Faint

But here I am. Writing a real blog post. Can you believe it?

Here's the scoop. We have been dealing with dial-up since July. It was PURE TORTURE being on the internet. Well, not torture EXACTLY because being withOUT internet is worse. However, the dial-up made online time STRICTLY business, so to speak. I bumbled around on facebook and did some emailing but other than that, it just wasn't worth waiting minutes for pages to load.

And what I have concluded is that blog-writing comes most often from the inspiration of reading other blogs. Since I was rarely reading other blogs, I just didn't get inspired to come here and report.

But, the high-speed internet has returned! Since our reason for dial-up was to save money while waiting for the house to sell, and hanging onto the hope that it would be 'any day now' we finally gave up when ANOTHER contract on the house went KAPUT. We were SO ready for it to all be over, getting to within a week of closing. But when it finally fell apart (after MUCH insanity on the part of the buyer -- why are buyers so koo-koo?) we decided we were tired of the no high-speed internet sacrifice.

Compliments of the holidays, today is Day 2 of complete laziness and I'm catching up on my reading, blog and otherwise. It has been SO nice and has, in fact, caused me to want to write here. Lucky you!

I can't promise tons of posting because I feel it would be terribly painful me to write, and you to read the continued mundaneness of waiting for this house to sell. But maybe I'll get back to it.

Oh, and since my discovery of facebook, and the way I (dumbly??) connected my blog to the 'notes' portion of my profile, I'm likely to be more cautious about getting all in my business here. Facebook has WAY more readers there than this blog does here. Yet, when I post a blog entry, it will show up on my facebook. THAT WILL make a difference in what I write.

I hope everyone has gotten a good start on 2009. We are giddy about the idea of Disney being a month away! WOOT! A fantasy-filled vacation is JUST WHAT WE NEED! Can't wait!

I hope these posts improve as I get acclimated to the blog world again. It's weird how being 'out' of it for so many months has affected my ability to think in blog-terms. (does that make sense to ANYONE but me?)

Thanks for missing me!

Yes, this mea

Our paper-link chain to count down the days until Disney World!


~Crystal~ said...

You need to warn people better when yo do things like that! I DID faint! I actually stopped by a day ago, thinking maybe you had been blogging & I missed it.

Facebook is an addiction huh? Can't you just take your blog off of it's listings? I don't have my blog linked there either. I will tell people about my blog, but I will not advertise it.

Hope you had some "sweet" holidays!

Stefanie said...

So glad you're back...although I see you on facebook, it's nice to read your blog, too :) !!

Arghhh...I forgot about the "25 things" thingy, again...even after I remembered!! I'll get on that(laughing!).

Steph said...

It's funny you should mention the facebook-blogging connection because I've thought about how many "personal" friends and acquaintances could now be reading my blog! I still have it listed on there but I may change it in the future... I dunno. I don't think I have enough readers either way! And part of me wants to put "Hey, I is who I is" on the blog heading as a warning. My blog hasn't changed who I am but still most people just seem surprised to read about how I really feel regarding some issues. I can't believe how bent out of shape some folks will become over things, too! Anyway, I digress...

Mostly I just wanted to be sure that you go check out my blog now that you've returned to the land of high-speed. You've got to see the pics of our kids with Santa!

J said...

I'm glad you wrote!

Amy said...

Glad to see you back on here.

p paw said...

I enjoy stealing the pictures.

Indie said...

Hi mom! I'm commenting like a lot later when you first posted this, but now the chain is TEENY and we got only 8 days from today!! wow I can't wait either. Especially Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, and i'm excited to ride the new ride, expedition everest; it sounds really fun. Love you! -Indie!