Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Was Tagged...A Long Time Ago But...

Better late than never, right Susanne?

You'd think it'd be simple for me to just whip up a post with six things about myself but between dial-up and everything else, I had to put this tag on my to-do list.

But here we go.

Six things you may or may not know about me.

1 - I never, ever have or will drink carbonated beverages.

2 - I am a night owl and sleep as late as I possibly can every morning.

3 - I used to really, REALLY want to be a model and if I was a teenager again, I'd be ALL OVER finding a chance to try out for "Next Top Model."

4 - Speaking of reality shows, I still want to do a game show or Survivor or Amazing Race or something like that some day.

5 - I have a totally new and exciting understanding of Heaven thanks to Randy Alcorn's book by the same name.

6 - I really want to be a bigger Jesus Freak (thanks toby & dctalk for such a great term.)

I tag Shannon & Donna!


Crystal said...

Oh, girl, you put me to shame....carbonated beverages are one of my favorite things in life. (hanging my head in embarrassment)

Stacy said...

Crystal, I assure you my carb. bev. thing has nothing to do with me being 'into health' or anything. I've just never, ever enjoyed the taste or sensation of carbonation. It makes me spew. Believe me, growing up in the days pre-bottled water, I would have loved to enjoy a tall paper cup of Coke at a ballgame but I just had to suffer from thirst or suck on some nasty post-Coke ice from my parents' cups.