Monday, May 19, 2008

When It Looks Too Good To Be True

I shouldn't profess my love so soon.

Toured "the house" today and it's been removed from consideration. My body reacted as if there is mold. Add that to the "as is"-ness condition and it had to be bumped.


House #2 has definitely regained #1 status!


Crystal said...

Awwww, shucks. Sorry for the disappointment. I guess it's a lot better to know now as opposed to post-buying-the-place. ;-)

How does your body signal you that there is mold? I've suspected this before but I'd love to hear what your symptoms are?

Stacy said...

First, THANK YOU for being my lone commenter these days! I've felt a little neglected!

Thanks also for the "aw, shucks!" It's nice when people feel our pain :)

Mold - I feel a "taste" in my mouth first and it turns into a pain that travels down my throat. It's almost a "hairy" feeling in my throat. The outer edge of my nostris will also kinda burn. It's not immediate but it starts while I'm there and continues throughout the day. I'm sure I'm sucking in some spores that cause the reaction...and I'm REAL sensitive.

To double-check myself for being paranoid, I ask the kids. One daughter will talk about the "hairy" tongue she gets and another will get itchy eyes. Not all of the kids show symptoms, though.

Jen said...

That sounds so yucky, Stace. We went by that house to see it today. Looks nice on the outside...but too bad it's all moldy. :(

Laurie said...

Ugh! I'm so NOT looking forward to this part of moving!! I'm trying not to think about it until we get there so I won't freak out, LOL!!